Yacht Charter in the Ionian Sea – Sailing Holidays for the Family

The Ionian Islands action absolute sailing altitude with abstinent apprehension that are abundant for sailing holidays with the family. There are a aggregation of canoeing breadth for you to accept from. A yacht allotment in the Greek Ionian Sea is actual affordable. The ability and cuisine are admirable and there is a all-inclusive amount of celebrated architect and things to do. The mural is abundant greener and lusher again in the added archipelagos in Greece and the breadth lies alfresco the ability of the able Meltemi apprehension that action added to the East. So let us acquaint you a bit added about this charterer´s paradise in detail.

Why is a yacht allotment in the Ionian Sea so popular?

The Ionian Sea contains the seven basic islands of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Kythira as able-bodied as abounding abate islands. The six arctic ones are amid just off the west bank of Greece and Kythira is off the southern tip of the Peloponnese. Although it is listed as one of the Ionian islands it forms allotment of the arena of Attica. The Ionian Sea is belted by southern Italy and Sicily, southern Albania and the west bank of Greece. There are several bear access to the Greek and Italian acreage as able-bodied as amidst the islands. Yet, they are actual calmly attainable by even and you can fly to the all-embracing airports of Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos or to Preveza on the mainland.

The celebrated breadth of the Ionian Islands is badly accepted with yacht charterers as able-bodied as ample cruise liners due to their accustomed adorableness and charm. Yet, they are aswell greener and added abundant than the added Greek islands to the East or even the adjoining mainland. Addition advantage are the mostly abstinent apprehension that are alluringly ill-fitted for yacht allotment holidays with the family. The basement for sailors on the islands in the Ionian Sea is acceptable even admitting the breadth is still absolutely unspoilt. You acquisition the archetypal accurate Greek alehouse with the admirable Greek food, bizarre harbours, amazing celebrated sites and simple sailing conditions. On top of it, bareboat allotment in Greece is abundant beneath cher than in added destinations in the western Mediterranean. All this adds up to a admirable canoeing experience.

Some accordant advice for an Ionian bareboat charter:

Location: Allotment of the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Adriatic Sea

Main Islands: Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Kythira

Main airports: Corfu, Preveza, Kefalonia, Zakynthos

Country code: +30

Climate: Mild, Mediterranean

Which basic allotment destinations are there in the Ionian?

There are affluence of itineraries and islands to analyze on a baiter allotment in the Ionian. If you fly to Corfu, the resort boondocks and harbour of Gouvia constitutes a acceptable allotment abject from which to move south and analyze the added islands. It is anchored 6 km from Corfu city-limits and 7 km from the airport and can host up to 1,235 yachts with a breadth of up to 80 m. It appearance abounding casework and shops and is generally referred to as a accustomed hotlink from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean Sea.

From Corfu it is alone about 8 NM to admirable Paxos. Right on the arctic tip there is the admirable adequate bay and boondocks of Lakka with actual acceptable restaurants and shops. The basic anchorage of the island is Gaios on the east coast. It is a absolute accustomed harbour due to the islet just off the bank that creates a attenuated and actual adequate approach with ideal ballast conditions. The admirable little boondocks has restaurants, taverns and absorbing gift shops to offer.

Due south of Paxos is the baby island of Antipaxos which is absolute for adequate airy Greek island bliss. For instance, ballast and arctic at Voutoumi bank with its azure baptize and white bank and acquisition a animated alehouse breadth you can eat some admirable Greek aliment with your anxiety in the sand. Sail about 25 NM to the South-East and you ability Preveza, addition basic allotment base.

Preveza berth in Preveza boondocks has a actual acceptable ambit of casework and 500 moorings for boats up to 20 m. Larger boats can use Cleopatra Berth abreast Preveza and just 1.5 afar from the town´s airport `Aktion`, aswell alleged Lefkada Airport. It offers 100 berths for yachts up to 30 m.

For a alley beneath travelled analyze the admirable branch of the Ambracian Gulf, due east of Preveza. It is a attractive attributes assets with lagoons, marshlands and a lot of appropriate wildlife. You can acquisition acceptable anchorages and there are two little ports alleged Menidion and Votsina.

Head alone about 6 NM south from Preveza and you ability the northernmost beaches of Lefkas. This island has affluence of coves and beaches for you to explore. On the north-east bank you acquisition the boondocks as able-bodied as berth of Lefkas, or Lefkada as it is alleged too. There is a 50 m continued arch abutting Lefkas with the mainland, appropriately authoritative it calmly attainable from the airport. Lefkas Berth has 620 moorings for yachts up to 45 m breadth and a actual acceptable action of abyssal services. It is one of the a lot of avant-garde and superb marinas in Greece and there are supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, a pond basin and abundant more.

From Lefkas you accept a big best of sailing territories in the anatomy of a lot of abate islands aural ability as able-bodied as the basic ones. To name just the big islands, there are Kefalonia and Ithaca, for instance, both just aural a 6 NM ability of the southernmost tip of Lefkas.

Ithaca is the abate one of both and has attractive accolade to ballast in. The actual adequate harbour boondocks Vathi is a accepted destination and the Odysseas Berth offers 72 berths for boats up to 20 m as able-bodied as abounding services.

Kefalonia with its basic Argostoli has abounding albino coves and asperous limestone cliffs. For instance, arch to absorbing Myrtos bank on the arctic ancillary with beauteous white bank and aquamarine baptize that is set amid two mountains. There is a cavern you can appointment as well.

You appointment just as breathtakingly admirable beaches in Zakynthos, or Zante, that lies alone approx. 10 NM south of Kefalonia. The alleged Shipwreck Bank on the north-east ancillary has bright water, a animated white bedrock bank and is amidst by badly top ascent cliffs. Zakynthos boondocks is big and offers affluence of architect and things to do additional the all-embracing airport is near-by, authoritative it simple to stop or alpha your sailing or motor yacht appoint in the Ionian Islands there.

What are the prevailing acclimate systems for sailing in the Ionian?

A north-westerly sea breeze, the Maestral, moderates temperatures from afternoon till sunset. The breadth of the Ionian does not accept actual able apprehension which is why it is abundant for ancestors sailing holidays. Summers are long, hot and dry. July and August accept an boilerplate of 12 hours of sunshine per day. There are no cogent tides.

Summary of the acclimate altitude for sailing a yacht allotment in the Ionian Sea:

Month with accomplished boilerplate temperature: August, 25.5°

Month with everyman boilerplate temperature: January, 9°

Month with accomplished boilerplate precipitation: December, 167 mm

Month with everyman boilerplate precipitation: August, 7 – 11 mm

Average wind acceleration in summer: 2 – 5 Bft.

Months with accomplished boilerplate baptize temperature: July/August, 25°

Month with everyman boilerplate baptize temperature: March, 14°

Main season: May – October

How abundant is a yacht allotment in the Ionian Sea and what are the altered allotment types?

You can appoint a 12 m sailboat, for instance, from about 1,400 € a week. Prices acceleration according to size, archetypal and accessories of the yacht. Flotilla allotment is as accepted as ever. You can do bareboat or skippered charter, and accept amid baiter allotment and baiter or motor yacht hire. You could go for a day charter. And addition advantage is affluence baiter appoint that comes with a lot of account and a aggregation according to your specific needs.

What activities besides sailing are there on a bareboat allotment in the Ionian?

Visit the Corfu Archetypal Yacht Race, a two-day regatta in September breadth you can watch acceptable and abreast archetypal sailing yachts attempt in foreground of the admirable city-limits and breastwork of Corfu.

If you accept time in amid sailing trips, analysis out the celebrated Old Boondocks of Corfu aural its fortifications. It absolutely is a must-see and a bewilderment of arresting attenuated asphalt streets abounding of acceptable shops and restaurants. It is a UNESCO apple ancestry website and has a lot of old Venetian architectonics as it was beneath Venice´s aphorism for continued time. The massive Venetian fortress, or old bastion stands abstracted on an bogus islet and is admirable to behold. From there, you accept a baroque appearance over Corfu. Again there is the huge new citadel, of which you can do a bout and canyon through the medieval corridors and fortifications. It is anchored looming over the north-eastern allotment of the city-limits and from there you can see far over the sea and watch sailboats and affluence yachts go by. The Spinada aboveboard in the centre is one of the better in Europe and you can airing forth its blooming spaces and monuments or accept banquet in one of the restaurants there. Give the nightlife a try, abnormally forth Gouvia´s littoral alley with its abounding confined and clubs. Alternatively, the towns of Kavos, Sidari, Ipsos and Dassia accept acceptable options for traveling out. The Achilleion alcazar in Gastouri on the east ancillary congenital by empress Elizabeth of Austria has a actual appealing autogenous and exoteric and is able-bodied account a visit.

Head to the charcoal of the age-old city-limits of Nicopolis 7 km arctic of Preveza. It acclimated to be a baroque boondocks congenital by emperor Octavian and the absorbing charcoal as the theatre, city-limits gates and thermal baths as able-bodied as the building are awful absorbing for anyone who brand history.

Should you not be too annoyed from your day on the allotment yacht, appointment Argostoli with abounding alive streets and shops as able-bodied as the alarm belfry in the centre.

Do a wine bout in Kefalonia breadth you are taken about to altered wineries and can apprentice about the altered grape varieties and wine authoritative processes.

You could aswell pay a appointment to the wineries in Lefkas. Or appointment the better resort on the island, Nidri – a cloistral anchorage with angle beyond to Skorpios which was aforetime endemic by Aristotle Onassis. 20 km south there is the windsurfing centre of Vasiliki, and added south is Cape Lefkada, breadth allegedly the changeable Greek artist Sappho leapt to her death.

While you are on a baiter rental, do baptize sports like sea kayaking / canoeing, water-ski, wakeboarding, diving, snorkeling, parasailing, fishing and abounding more.

Go turtle or dolphin watching, for instance on Marathonisi, breadth there are a lot of amazing loggerhead turtles.